“Captivating read with different adventures the bullet experienced. I felt compelled to read the next adventure to find where it would take the bullet and who would next receive it.”

——Captain Plyde P. Marsh II GAARNG, GAANG, USAFR Retired


“A compelling and original read that will resonate with many”

——Kathleen Long, USA Today Bestselling Author


“Each page makes you want to continue following the journey. I hope you are planning a Bullet II”

——Chief Mike Burns,Retired Macon Police Department


“Loved this book. I was transported into the story and felt that I not only knew the characters, but was watching the stories unfold. A very quick read. I didn't want to put it down. Mr. Gary Matheny is a very talented story teller with a flair for writing. I will be watching for his next book”

——M. Burton


“This book was an easy to follow, enjoyable read. Being from the southern U.S. the characters were familiar to me and could have been family or friends of mine . I thoroughly enjoyed this story”

——Preston Calvin Webb


“Gary gives a thoughtful overview of the time period w/o getting into the politics. A tear-drop falls, a smile on the face, and each personality you are introduced to, holds a place in your heart!

A great read!”



“Young readers will be entertained while learning about the century their grandparents experienced. Lively and exciting! Can't wait for the movie! Where did you get this talent little brother?”

——Mickey Matheny

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