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Gary is a singer/songwriter is an American heartland native, born and raised in Macon, Georgia, and now living in Cleveland, Tennessee. His musical journey began at the age of 12 when his best friend Tommy Deane taught him to play the guitar. They would spend countless hours in the basement of his parents home playing songs by the Beatles and groups from the 60s.

2016: "Tennessee Spring" single was entered into the NSAI, Nashville Songwriters Association International’s 2-songwriters contest receiving critical acclaim.

2018: Gary formed a friendship with Rob MacLeod at StartUp Music Mentors, a music recording and consulting group based in Dublin, Ireland. They soon decided to record an album of Gary's songs titled “Red Roses On A Windowsill” along with three videos that were produced in Ireland. One of the videos, “Sing A Lullaby” has attracted over 130k views from fans around the world.

2018: "Exit 10," "Tennessee Spring," and "Baptize Me" received reviews from Gerald Crabb, a noted songwriter who has written 46 top ten hits including 26 #1 hits nationally.

2019: Dirt Road Social Club featuring Ken Sanvidge recorded “Leaving Macon" and was featured on WLYB-FM  Song Gallery Livingston Al/Meridian MS.

2019: Gary recorded his first album “Not Looking Back” with the Knoxville, Tennessee-based Daystar Recording Group which was released in August 2020. The first single, “In And Out” received over 30k views on worldwide social media outlets in the first few weeks.

2019: WYLB-FM Livingston Al/Meridian Ms featured “Tennessee Spring” on their Song Gallery worldwide podcast program.

2019: Dirt Road Social Club featuring Ken Sanvidge recorded Gary's “Leaving Macon" and spotlighted the arrangement on WLYB-FM  Song Gallery Livingston Al/Meridian, Mississippi.


2019: Gary was awarded "Most Promising Traditional Country Songwriter of the Year" for his song "Exit 10" by the Volunteer State Country, Gospel, Bluegrass Music Organization, VSCGBMO and elevated Gary to the North American Country Music Association International, NACMAI, in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.

2019: German online magazine Sudwestmecklinburger Rundschau spotlights"Sing A Lullaby" (recorded in Ireland) as their song of the day.


2020: "Rosalee" and "In And Out", songs from Gary's "Not Looking Back" album placed as a Finalist World Songwriting Awards POP category. The album was recorded at Daystar Recording Studios in Knoxville, TN, and released in August of the same year. The first single, “In And Out” has been viewed over 60k times on social media worldwide to date.

2020: Featured artist in Poze Productions Magazine (Vol. 37).

2020: October Guest artist on Macon, Georgia's Middle Georgia Podcasts with legendary host Ben Sandifer.

2020: Summer and Fall - Finalist World Songwriting Awards POP Category "In And Out" and "Rosalee."

2021: July Guest artist on A Million and One Things hosted by Temple Kinyon and Cynthia Lee De Boe.

2021: Winter Finalist - World Songwriting Awards POP Category "You Get To Me."

2021: Renowned Italian Vocalist Michela Vazzana included "In And Out" in her act.

2021: Forged a Sync licensing deal with Amurco, London, UK.

2021: August finalist in the USA Male Rising Star Category by the International Singer-Songwriters Association

2021: Featured artist in the UK digital magazine "Write Again" (June 2021 - Issue 30, Page 34) and (October 2021 -  Issue 34, Page 44)

2021: In August, Gary began recording his newest album "Renaissance Man" in Nashville, TN, produced by Red Ridge Entertainment. The album is slated for release in the spring, of 2022.

2021: Featured October guest on "The Discussion Youtube Podcast" hosted by Dee Burris.

2022: January 6th feature article by Gwen Swiger of the Cleveland Daily Banner.

Gary is currently working with CBA StartUp, a music recording/consultant group in Dublin Ireland. His fan base and industry influence continue to expand throughout the globe. Music from his “Not Looking Back” album has been played on several internet radio stations such as:

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